By-Laws of Long Island GTO Club
“New York’s Great Ones”
November 2004


Section A – Officers’ Duties & Terms

President: establish and direct club policies and procedures, chair all club meetings, propose and define club activities, suggest and implement fund-raising activities, delegate duties of volunteers on specific projects; set good example for club members; maintain high profile within classic car hobby; recruit prospective members.

Vice President: act as back-up to president in all capacities above, suggest and follow up on club related activities, promote fellowship and co-operation with other local car clubs, encourage members to become involved in projects and committees, recruit prospective members.

Secretary: keep minutes of all club meetings, keep attendance records at all meetings, promote club activities in the media (inform appropriate publications of club-sponsored events, etc.) update and distribute by-laws when necessary, prepare and send information on upcoming activities to members, handle all club-related correspondence.  Maintain database of club members’ names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Treasurer: be responsible for all club funds, membership dues, bank deposits, checking account, petty cash, accounts payable and receivable.  Transport petty cash to club shows and cruises.  Maintain financial records for club.  Provide accounting and reports as necessary for regulatory and governmental agencies.

General Board Member(s): voting members of the executive board, with duties including, but not limited to, fund raising, storage and transportation of club property, newsletter editor, club activities chairperson, event coordinator, apparel chairperson.  The number of board members shall be not less than 3 or more than 5.

Vacated Office: in the event that any elected office is vacated during the year, the remaining officers shall appoint another member to perform the functions of the vacated office.

All officers shall serve two-year terms.  All officers shall work without remuneration.  All officers shall uphold and preserve the standards, policies, and purposes of the organization.  All officers shall maintain a high level of visibility within the local/regional automotive community in order to promote and advance the purposes of the organization as stated in the Chapter Constitution.

Eligibility Requirements for officers are as follows:

1. Must be GTOAA member in good standing.

2. Must have attended at least half the official club functions since last election.  Official club

Functions shall be defined as scheduled monthly meetings and Club sponsored events, such as

car shows or cruises.  (Example: if the club has held twelve meetings and three car shows and

one cruise, the minimum number of functions in order to be eligible would be eight.)

Section B – Elections


Nominations shall take place at the October & November general meetings.  Nominees running unopposed may be elected by acclamation.  Should there be two or more nominees for an office or offices, elections shall be held by written ballot.  Ballots shall be collected at a special meeting held after nominations.  Election results shall be finalized by the December general meeting.

Section C – Voting Eligibility


All dues paying members are eligible to vote.  These members are required to attend at least half of the yearly meetings and be 18 years or older.

Section D – Removal of Officers


Motions to remove an officer of the Club may be made by any member in good standing.  The balance of the officers shall investigate all allegations and present findings to a general meeting at which a quorum is present.  (See Section G)  The official in question shall respond to the general membership.  A two-thirds majority of the members in attendance is required for removal. 

Section E – Membership

Dues (fiscal) year shall run January to December.

Dues shall be $20 per year for membership.


Members not renewing their dues by the end of February shall not be permitted to attend any Club functions or receive any Club publication or information until such time as they have renewed.

New Members. In order to become a member, a prospective applicant must attend a regularly scheduled meeting of the club, after which he or she may apply for membership by completing the appropriate application form(s) and paying the proroper dues as described above. 

Dues are paid as a consideration for membership.  Only paid members are permitted to vote on club business.

Club newsletters shall be distributed via our website:  Anyone wishing to receive a hard copy of the newsletter will be required to pay $5.00 to cover printing and mailing of the newsletter for the year.

Section F – Chapter Policies

Authorized signers of Club treasury account.

Besides the Club treasurer, at least one other officer shall have access to and signing authority for the club bank account in event of the Treasurer’s absence.


Expenditure of Club funds.

Payment of “normal” expenses shall not require approval of the general membership.  The following shall be considered “normal” expenses in the running of the Club:

Newsletter production and distribution (includes any supplies required), correspondence, regulatory or legal matters (tax forms, corporate filing, non-profit status, etc.), advertising & promotion (show flyers or listings in car-hobby publications), design and inventory of Club apparel and other Club items (commemorative coffee mugs, calendars, key chains, etc.), postage.

Expenditure of Club funds.  (continued)

Expenses over and above $100 and not listed as “normal” as described above shall require the approval of a majority of members at a general meeting.

Family membership and participation is encouraged at all club functions.  However, only dues-paying members may vote on Club business or elections. (This excludes Associate or Honorary members.)

Club activities, events, and general business shall be determined by majority rule at a scheduled meeting where a quorum is present in order to vote.

Club Class: At club shows and cruises where the LI GTO Club is responsible for judging, club vehicles shall be parked in a separate class and not judged by the club members.  At such events, only GTOs may be displayed as part of the “club class,” in order to promote the identity of the organization as a GTO club.  This situation does not apply in participant-judged events where club members’ cars are mixed in with general participants.  However, at such events, club members are not allowed to vote, in order to avoid any claims of favoritism.

Club Class Awards: In events where club vehicles are displayed in a “club class,” no individual member may win more than one award in a calendar year. This situation does not apply in participant-judged events where club members’ cars are mixed in with general participants.

All members shall act in a responsible manner at all club functions, especially those where the general public is involved.  At Club sponsored events, members shall exhibit courtesy, helpfulness, and a high regard for the safety of all persons and property involved.

No drugs or alcoholic beverages will be allowed at Club functions.

No racing, burnouts, unsafe or inappropriate driving of any kind will be allowed at any Club function, except where such Club functions may take place at a sanctioned racing facility.

Termination for cause:

Failure to abide by the above policies may result in termination of membership.  Allegations of such instances must be brought to the attention of the officers.  Officers shall investigate and present evidence at the next general meeting at which a quorum is present.  (See section G)  Accused may offer rebuttal.  Two-thirds vote is required to terminate membership.

Section G – Amendments

In order for an amendment to the by-laws to be voted on, a quorum must be present at a general meeting.  A quorum shall be defined as one-third of the paid club membership at the time the vote is taken. (Example:  if total club membership is 75, at least 25 members must be present for a vote to take place.)  In the absence of a quorum and where business cannot be tabled until the next meeting, the existing club officers and executive board shall decide the issue.

Amendments to the By-Laws must be submitted in writing.  Proposed amendments must be presented at the next general meeting at which a quorum is present.  If discussion changes the wording of the proposal, that wording shall be finalized before any vote shall take place.  A quorum must be present and a majority of the members in attendance is required for the proposal to pass.

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